Why Freedom? Why Family?: Part 1

July 19, 2017

Why Freedom? Why Family?: Part 1

A perspective on ideals worth the fight.

America’s history is one wrought with contention, opposition, war and dare I say - carnage.

In its 239 year old life - America has spent 222 years enveloped in war of some sort. And yet, this country offers freedoms to its citizens which surpasses all other nations on many levels.

America’s history is also wrought with courage, grit, perseverance and humanity. And these characteristics are a result of the freedoms our predecessors hoped for and the freedoms we’ve been given as a result of their efforts and sacrifice. The outcome of freedom then becomes the necessary qualification required to maintain this priceless gift. 

One short recap at the founding of this country reminds us that opposition is part of the struggle for freedom:

December 1775. George Washington’s (soon-to-be-called) Continental Army was disintegrating rapidly. Enlistments were soon expiring. Soldiers were tired and unpaid. Bitter weather with scant warm clothing left most men ready to go home. Of 10,000 men - fewer than 1,000 had agreed to stay.

January 14, 1776. In a letter written to Colonel Joseph Reed, Washington shared facts about the dire situation: There was no money to pay troops, too little powder to fight the enemy, no supplies for new recruits, and a significant number of  men had given up and gone home.

Yet, despite gut-wrenching odds, Washington and his troops still won the fight for a free land.

This snapshot of a few weeks’ time is just one of several breaking-point moments in the American Revolutionary War. It’s also a stark reminder the those men and women who laid the path for our freedom and abundance did so with remarkable opposition almost every day.

That opposition hasn’t ceased. In fact, it’s growing.

Which brings me to my story - our story.

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It’s about the decision to hold a torch high that has been passed down to us from valiant men and women who have fought and even laid down their lives to keep it lit.

Our promise is to stand along side you in the fight for freedom and for family.

This blog - SHINE ON - will provide relevant, simple and doable actions you can implement to protect and preserve that which matters most - your freedom and your family.

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Keep the torch lit,  Kimberly





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