The Unalienable Right of Life

January 28, 2019

The Unalienable Right of Life

The purpose of government is to secure rights of humanity. All humanity. Many governments have failed in this purpose, primarly because their body of leadership has been more interested in elitism, oppression of the massses, and attainment of wealth and power instead of concern with the worth and soul of the individual. It is impossible to secure rights of individuals if they are not recognized. Subsequently, the protection of life - as secured by the government of the United States of America - has been an exception in the history of our world - not the rule. 

For several centuries infanticide has been commonly practiced in many civilizations and nations. The ancient Greek and Roman cultures (4th century B.C.) killed weak and deformed infants as permitted by their written law. If the child was not weak or deformed - but female - it would most likely be left deserted and exposed to the elements to die of starvation or hypothermia. 

In 3rd Century B.C., China's selective infanticide of females was commonly conducted by placing the newborn in a cold bucket of water to drown the child.

Up until the 19th century (1800-1900), parents in India would often throw their newborn daughters into the Ganges river. In several African ethic groups, twins were considered a bad omen and killed or left exposed to die. And if a mother died during childbirth, the newborn would be buried alive.

Even within the past decade, Brazilian tribes have engaged in infanticide and selective killing of older children who have single mothers, are disabled, or a twin.

The examples I have mentioned are a few of literally hundreds of societies througout the history of this Earth who place little to no value on the sanctity of human life. 

But why?

Historically, customs and traditions of cultures reasoned that females and weak males were an economic burden on families/societies, thereby killing these infants was justified. (And, we should remember the killing of hundreds of millions of men, women, and children due to race and religion has been justified in multiple societies throughout Earth's history - again testament to the lack of knowledge of and belief in the sanctity of life.) Those cultural practices continue in several areas of the world in the 21st century, however, with advanced medical technologies, abortion is now the standard go-to for the practice of killing a human being to preserve economic stability, among other reasons. Please note - the technology to terminate life has changed - the viewpoints and beliefs behind the act of ending life has not. 

Most citizens of the United States and many people throughout the world would consider throwing an infant in a river or leaving a newborn in the forest to die as barbaric. And many understand that terminating a developing fetus with a heartbeat, a nervous system, arms, legs, fingers and toes a few weeks or few months before delivery is also killing innocent life. Fortunately, progression in idealology of the value and worth of an individual has occurred in the last two centuries - and many governments have instigated laws to protect human life. 

Now, at the onset of 2019 (and in recent years) in America we see an increased resolve by many to participate in a centuries-old practice of terminating life. "Family planning" is the buzz term for the justifiction behind abortion with economic stability as one of the bullet points. Another reason - the lack of time or desire to accept the responsibilities of parenting. Often, young (teenage) mothers feel (and understandably are) unprepared for parenting commitments. However, in opposition to the solution of adoption in all of these cases, the firm stance of the woman's right taking precedence over the rights of a defenseless human being is usually the final cry that confirms the decision to abort a child.  Those who support this practice believe it to be a progressive ideology and practice in our modern world. It's not. The act and the reasoning behind terminating innocent life are as archaic as the beginning of civilization. 

Our Founding Fathers knew histories of failed civilizations. They knew the evils of class systems under monarchies and dictators. They knew of the suffering and depravity of the people when human rights were not recognized. They knew the importance of establishing a constitutional government that secured the unalienable right of life to all. 

We live under that Constitution which was established to secure - among other rights and freedoms - the right to life. Yet, in our America that right hangs in a precarious balance.

Those who believe in the right of a woman to abort a child often cite justification secondary to women's health issues, socio-economic concerns in raising a child, and parental ability - as often the fathers in these situations refuse to participate in the responsibility of co-parenting. These are legitimate concerns when expecting a child. However, solutions to these concerns exist that provide rescue of both mother and child and protect life. 

Do we really believe in the right of life for all human beings? And if so, what can we do to not only protect this right - but expand this principle of freedom throughout the world?

Shine On.   -Kimberly 




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