Dads Rock! Here's Why.

June 01, 2018

Dads Rock! Here's Why.

The celebration of Father's Day this month allows each of us to pause for a moment in our year and reflect on why we're grateful for our dad. But do we really understand the magnitude of the "role of dad" has on our family and our society? 

While the adage, "It takes a village to raise a child" lends itself to the recognition of the need for support systems in an individual's life, the foundation of developmentally healthy kids who become self-reliant, emotionally, mentally and physically competent and contributing adults is rooted in that child's relationship and interactions with his or her parents. ATTENTION DADS (and MOMS): Do you realize the power and influence you possess in shaping the world of a human being now and for generations to come?

Dads may not feel they are wielders of power when face-to-face with their two-year-old during a tantrum or trudging through a messy room that was supposedly cleaned by their 10-year-old or waiting for their 15-year-old who broke curfew. Absolutely, being a dad (and a mom) is the toughest job in human history. It's also the most important. Consider this: 

   * Involved dads provide a positive influence on a child's problem-solving abilities and contribute to a decrease in emotional issues of children - including sadness, social withdrawal, and anxiety. 

   * Dads instill confidence and encouragement in young children through maintaining sensitivity and emotional rapport during play

   * Dads who spend more time with their kids are less like to experience conflicts at home and have a greater sense of satisfaction at work. 

   * Dads who are involved and play with their babies have children with higher IQs. 

   * Involved dads have children who are less likely to be victims of sexual assault and abuse.  

   * Dads have a greater impact on their daugthers' assertiveness, ambition and attitudes to get ahead in school, work and financial pursuits. 

Research continues to demonstrate the power of and need for dads who are involved with their children. However, it doesn't take a scientific study to acknowledge the profound impact a dad who simply tries (perfection not required) has on a child's life - throughout that child's entire life.

Hats off to all of you fathers. You're irreplaceable, and we - as a society and your kids - need you. 

And a special THANKS to my own father, whose marvelous influence is a part of my life every single day.

Shine On.    -Kimberly

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