Your Vote. Your History.

October 01, 2018

Your Vote. Your History.

Voting season is upon us and reminders to take part in this democratic process are everywhere. Yet, do we understand this fundamental right of our society?

Protected by the U.S. Constitution, our right and privilege and responsibiliy to participate in a collective election of representatives establishes a government by the people and for the people. Our vote shapes the world around us and the history we create. And, each vote counts! Consider the following election outcomes (source:

  • A Democratic candidate won New York’s election to its 36th Congressional District in 1910 by garnering 20,685 votes, while his Republican opponent drew 20,684.
  • Maine’s 1982 state House election was won by a candidate who received 1,387 votes to the loser’s 1,386 votes
  • A 1980 state House race in Utah in was won by a victor who garnered 1,931 votes over the loser’s 1,930 votes
  • A 1970 Rhode Island state House race was won by the victor’s 1,760 votes to the loser’s 1,759 votes
  • A Missouri state house race during the same year of Rhode Island’s above-referenced political race was won by the victor’s 4,819 votes over the loser’s 4,818 votes.

 Keep in mind - hundreds of thousands of men and women have fought and died for the home of a republic and the blessing of democracy. Remember their sacrifice to keep your privileges and your freedoms. Go vote.


Shine On.   -Kimberly 

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