Miracles of Christmas: Truths to Inspire

December 01, 2018

Miracles of Christmas: Truths to Inspire

December! We're finally in the cheeriest month of the year. Despite cold temps, icy roads, and shorter daylight - the Christmas season seems to help us transcend the temporal discomforts of life and focus on the most important principles of living - giving and serving others, loving our families, extending kindness, showing more tolerance, and recognizing our blessings.

One of my favorite moments of the Christmas season is reading stories of miracles. The poignant, tender mercies shared by others remind me of the miracles given in my own life. Though, as I think about Christmas - the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ - the abundance of miracles fits perfectly. Our God is a God of miracles, and when we choose to believe in Him - He blesses us in miraculous ways specific to what we need and what we desire. Small or big, miracles are evidence of God's love. Here are a few heartwarming - and life-changing - true stories of those Christmas miracles:

- Washington's Crossing on the Delaware River. The bravery of patriots and the grace of the Almighty helped change the tide of the Revolutionary War which allows us the freedom we cherish today. 

- The kindness and sacrifice of strangers and family remind us that simple acts make all the difference in these 7 stories

- A family's prayers are answered and a boy is saved in this incredible real-life "Miracle on 34th Street" story. 

- Annie's Little Christmas Miracle. This Chicken Soup for the Soul story teaches us of a child's faith to bring joy to her family. 

- Even in the middle of a world war, the Christmas Truce of 1914 reminds us of the miracle of humanity and brotherhood in the most despondent of moments.

- Finally, remember this Christmas season the miracle that makes all others possible - our Savior's birth


Merry, Merry Christmas!   Kimberly & MyFreedom MyFamily T-Shirts Team

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