Happy Birthday MyFreedom MyFamily

June 01, 2019

Happy Birthday MyFreedom MyFamily

We launched our company two years ago with the desire to celebrate and spread principles of freedom and to give back to those who have fought to maintain our freedom.

The ride has been an important and insightful adventure. And of course, we've had fun along the way.

In celebration of our 2-year birthday, we want to share with you some of our personal favorite blogposts and favorite tees so far. We hope you find them as fun and inspirational as we do!


1. We're almost at the midpoint of 2019. Are you doing the most important thing?

2. Patriotism's seeds start early in life. Here's how to grow patriotic kids. 

3. Aisles can be crossed and need to be crossed. Here's a reminder of our inherent brotherhood.

4. Create strong families and strong kids. Connections between generations keep us healthy.





Shine On.   -Kimberly 


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