13 Ways to Celebrate Fall With Your Family

September 01, 2018

13 Ways to Celebrate Fall With Your Family

As summer humbly relinquishes her reign to the glorious fall, adventures and memories with your family beckon. Enjoy this season and the people you love.

How many of these ways will you choose to celebrate fall?

1. Host a backyard bonfire with friends. Roasted marshmellows are good in any season!

2. Pick apples and pears at a local orchard. They're delicious fresh off the tree, and homemade pie, jam and sauce will keep you smiling the rest of the year.

3. Go on a hike or nature walk (unplugged, of course) in the beautiful foilage. Include an "I Spy" game to keep everyone observing their surroundings.

4. Make homemade caramel apples.

5. Create a list of your blessings and share with each other at dinnertime.

6. Get lost and laugh aloud in a corn maze.

7. Find a neighbor who needs help raking their lawn. Enjoy the great opportunity to serve and remember to jump in the piles of leaves.

8. Visit a local candle shop. Tis' the season for warmth and cozy fragrance.

9. Try a new soup recipe. Prepare and cook it as a family. 

10. Pick your Halloween pumpkin from a local pumpkin farm. 

11. Personalize Thanksgiving dinner mats - pull out the construction paper and glue and colors.

12. Go on a leaf hunt and share your collection with each other. Use the leaves to decorate your home or find a fun leaf craft to do together. 

13. Bake a pie and deliver it to a neighbor with a heart-warming, homemade "Celebrate Fall" card.


Shine on.    -Kimberly 



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