10 Ways to Grow Your Generosity

April 01, 2019

10 Ways to Grow Your Generosity

If you want joy to explode in your life, give. Whether it's our time, knowledge, goods, experience, or monetary gifts - giving lifts us and others to a better place. Our perspectives change and our priorities sharpen as we practice acts of generosity. We connect with others in meaningful experiences and our capacity to love increases. Here are 10 ideas to consider:

1. Start Small. Give $1 or $2 each month to a person, group, or cause that is close to your heart. A dollar may seem like pennies, but pennies add up and provide the necessities in all of our lives.

2. Give First. Set aside the $1 or $10 when you get your paycheck. It's easy to think you'll give once you know what's leftover every month. However, if you practice the habit of giving first, you'll be delighted by the miracles and blessings you'll see the rest of the month - and you're ensuring someone(s) receives help each month. 

3. Redirect. What is your budget for coffee or wine or movies? Could you give up just one financial experience each month (e.g., no lattes on Tuesday) and set aside the money you would typically spend to give to another?

4. Give Time. Can you sacrifice 1 hour a month or 30 minutes a week? Endless opportunities exist to give time to a child or elderly person in your community that would immensely benefit from the willingness of another to spend time with them.

5. Give a Stranger a Genuine Compliment. If you've ever received a compliment from a stranger, you know how much a simple act of generosity can make your day! Look around you for opportunities to see the light in others - and praise them for who they are. 

6. Offer Mentorship. Success in all walks of life comes from standing on the shoulders of giants who have gone before. Be that giant. Share your experience - the good and not-so-good - and expertise with those around you who look up to you and are trying to succeed in their own corner of the world. Your wisdom can benefit generations. 

7. Praise Good Customer Service. Have you ever actually had to be on the end of providing customer service? Solving problems and trying to leave customers satisfied with a calm demeanor and smile on your face is not always an easy task. We all need to know we're doing a good job - especially when dealing with so many grouchy and unpleasant human beings. So, tell someone - and then their manager - what a great job they are doing!

8. Write Notes of Gratitude. Observe people in your community. Whether it be a national figure, a member of a local organization, or a neighbor down the street - acknowledge the good they are doing. Write a note expressing your appreciation for who they are and what they do that makes your life better. 

9. Support Coworkers' Passions Outside of Work. Taking a genuine interest in others' lives, particulary those people you see every day, strengthens relationships and builds trustworthy friendships. When you support your coworkers or others in your circle of influence - you essentially say, "You matter to me."

10. Spend Time With a Generous Person. Observe and listen to them. Ask questions. Learn their lessons of a lifetime that have molded them into an example of generosity. 

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 
― John Bunyan

Shine On.   -Kimberly 

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