8 Important Speeches on Freedom

November 01, 2017

8 Important Speeches on Freedom

Freedom is a timeless and universal principle. Men and women will always seek its privileges. Without it human lives cannot reach their full potential. Yet throughout the history of this world, opposition to freedom has never been abstinent. Though innovation and technology has transformed our world into what we call our modern-day, the fight for freedom remains constant.

Brave men and women - patriots of sorts - have inspired millions through the ages (and present day) to stand up for this inherent right, to fight for freedom that their families and posterity might enjoy its privileges and to remind us all - it is our choices and our action which keep us free - or not.

Here are 8 of those speeches to keep you inspired and fighting the good fight:

1. George Washington: September 19, 1796: "Washington's Farewell Address"

2. Thomas Jefferson: March 4, 1805: "First Inaugural Address" 

3. Abraham Lincoln: November 19, 1863: "Gettysburg Address"

4. Elizabeth Cady Stanton: February 18, 1892: "The Solitude of Self"

5. Emmeline Pankhurst: November 13, 1913: "Freedom or Death"

6. Mohandas Ghandi: February 4, 1916: "Banaras Hindu University Speech" 

7. Winston Churchill: May 13, 1940: "Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat"  

8. Ronald Reagan: June 12, 1987: "Tear Down This Wall"


Shine On.    -Kimberly 




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