6 Ways to End Summer Smiling

September 01, 2017

6 Ways to End Summer Smiling

The remaining days of summer 2017 are within sight. So long flip-flops and sun-baked days on the beach. Farewell garden blooms and weekend barbecues. Until we meet again 9pm sunsets. 

Want to squeeze every drop of sunshine out of your last final days - and create fun memories with family? Of course you do. And here is how to do it:

1. Backyard Camping: Hoist the tent, grab the marshmallows, bring a flashlight and slumber under the stars one last time. Don't forget the scary stories.

2. Food Tasting: Find seasonal produce at a local farmer's market or in a store that no one in the family has yet tasted. Find a few simple recipes, host a taste-test dinner event - and vote for the new family favorite.

3. Find Local Labor Day Festivities: Communities often take the opportunity to host family-friendly activities during this weekend. Explore and try something you've never done as a family. If you can - walk together to the event. 

4. Fly Kites: March isn't the only month for windy days. Enjoy the sky and outdoors by building and flying your own kites. Kids will love their creations and you'll be able to play in the park one last time. 

5. Eat Dessert Outside: Host a friends or neighborhood dessert potluck in the backyard. Connect again with those you care about before fall and school schedules kick into full gear.

6. Remember Summer 2017: Throw a picture slideshow together of family events during the summer or create a family scrapbook that you can look back upon when winter brings cold nights and dreams of shorts and swimsuits. Encourage kids to journal their favorite memories or moments of the summer. And then create a Summer 2018 bucket list. What are your dreams for next summer?

Have fun!

And always, Shine on.  -Kimberly 

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