4 Ways to Celebrate Constitution Day (September 17)

September 15, 2017

4 Ways to Celebrate Constitution Day (September 17)

In 1787, the Constitution of the United States of America established a system of law for country our world had never witnessed in way of freedom, prosperity and potential.

Today, adherence to this critical foundation of our country is not only needed - but required for America to survive. 

Here are 4 ways to celebrate this document - its honored day- and the inspired founding fathers of our nation who created it:

1. Please read it. Sounds simple, but have you actually read (and pondered) this document? In order to respect, love and defend something - we have to know it. And it may be one of the shortest "books" you've ever read. Read  it HERE.

2. Read about the Constitution. The National Archives has compiled various publications to help us understand the creation, ratification and use of the is document - and you can explore these writings in one click on your tablet or phone. Check it out HERE.

3. Take a virtual tour of the American Revolutionary War surrounding our Constitution and the fight to lay groundwork for our freedom: Click HERE.

4. Encourage kids to celebrate the Constitution. Click HERE for multiple free, online activities and printables for different ages/grades. And because we all love food when we celebrate, check out these fun patriotic recipes HERE.


Shine on. -Kimberly 

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