2,977 Reasons Why You Should Remember 9/11

September 08, 2017

2,977 Reasons Why You Should Remember 9/11

9/11. Interesting how 3 numbers can incite memories, emotion and action.

2763. Airplane passengers, workers and visitors killed when 2 planes carrying 20,000 pounds of jet fuel crashed into the World Trade Center in NYC. 

343. NYC firefighters killed in efforts to save others.

60. NYC and Port Authority police officers killed - also in efforts to save others. 

40. Innocent passengers on Flight 93 who crashed a plane in Pennsylvania - sacrificing themselves and saving perhaps hundreds of others.

64. Passengers killed on Flight 77 when their plane crashed into the Pentagon.

125. Innocents on the ground in the Pentagon killed when the plane crashed.

2977. Daughters, Sons, Moms, Dads. Husbands and wives. Friends and neighbors.  All killed by terrorists. 2605 were Americans. 372 were from 61 other countries.

19. terrorists.

We mourn the death of every US soldier. And we should. Their willingness to defend our freedoms and provide the ultimate sacrifice of life warrant our consideration and respect and even the care of those they leave behind. 

Yet, we are not surprised by the casualties of war. Nor do we witness its devastation firsthand. Second hand accounts and vast oceans keep the realities as passing thoughts in our lives, until of course - our loved one becomes a casualty. 

However, when terrorism manifests its ugliness in our Land, we suddenly become witnesses (and some of us -victims) of the front line. It's the evil of terrorism - the foundational beliefs of those who seek to terrorize - to brutally murder -in whatever way they choose - that go beyond the boundaries of war, the boundaries of what we know is permissible. And when the oceans' barrier becomes obsolete, we're left exposed and vulnerable.

So, we do remember 9/11 and the horror we experienced on that day. We remember the 2977. We remember this world continues to be a home to evil perpetrators who are eager to mercilessly slaughter our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and friends.

We remember so we can recognize and prepare.

We remember so we can defend and protect. 

Our freedom and our families are worth us remembering every single day.

Shine on. -Kimberly 



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